Relative paths for image links in inDesign [closed]

We’ve got a large indesign file that several people are dipping in and out of on several machines, to do this we’ve got the indd file and the /images folder that it references in a shared Dropbox folder.

This all works fine, BUT all the image links are broken, when i look at the paths for the links they are using the absolute paths so they are something like this


But on other peoples machines they A) have a different name so their path looks like this User/John.. or they dont have their Dropbox folder in their user root directory.

Seeing as the indd file also resides in the /lorem folder is there a way to get indesign to use relative paths to the images so instead of that long absolute string it would be something like /images/image.jpg

We are using indesign CC – v.2015.1


Unfortunately no.

InDesign (and Illustrator) first look in the document folder. If the links aren’t there, only absolute paths are used.

Source : Link , Question Author : sam , Answer Author : Scott

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