Reliable Grids in Photoshop CC15 artboards

So I was/am really happy that Photoshop finally came out with artboards. It’s great for a series of web ads and a whole host of other things, but what I use it for most is what it was intended for, which is mobile UI design.

I know that PS came out with their built-in grid system and there are others like GridGuide, which is my favorite, but with artboards, reliable guides are a thing of the past for me.

TL/DR: Anyone know of a plugin or a way to get pixel perfect grids in artboards?


So I know that it seems like nobody cared about this question too much, but I have discovered the answer to this. I guess Grid Guide (or GuideGuide) has updated so that you can use their guides and they will snap to whatever dartboard you are in.

So that rules.

Source : Link , Question Author : Peacockerie , Answer Author : Peacockerie

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