Remove an anchor point’s bezier handle?

In Illustrator CC, is there a way to remove / retract bezier handles from a point?

See below picture, the two handles between the corner points are useless and I’d much rather just have a straight line.
enter image description here

The one method I know to achieve this is using the pen tool and alt clicking on the corner, but that retracts both sides of the bezier, so I’d have to redraw the other side where I do want the handle.

Is there a way to just retract a specific anchor point’s bezier handle?


1. Select the Convert Anchor Point Tool (SHIFT + C)

2. Click on the end of the handle you want to remove.

enter image description here

If you want to remove both handles (i.e. convert to a corner point) just click the anchor point itself.

You can also convert the anchor point to a corner point by alt + clicking on the anchor point with the Pen Tool selected or using the Convert Selected Anchor Points To Corner button in the Control panel.

Source : Link , Question Author : kontur , Answer Author : Community

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