Remove background based on color in Inkscape

There is a classical way of removing background in Inkscape using Bezier curves. This is often quite lengthy process.

Is it possible to remove the background of an object based on background color (e.g. to tell only to remove yellow background)? Or some clever method that is able to detect what is object and what is background?

If so, could you describe the tools that are available in Inkscape?


You could probably try to “trace bitmap”, using the “Multiple scans” with “Colors”, with the “remove background” option, and choosing “2” scans.

Original Bitmap

Trace Bitmap

Then, click “Ok”, select both the bitmap and the vector result :

Trace result

Then rightclick, and select “Set Clip” :

Clipped result

Far from perfect, but it’s a good start.

Source : Link , Question Author : xralf , Answer Author : Drasill

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