Remove extra space in front of the text without outlining it? [Illustrator]

Did anyone figure it out on how to remove that little extra space in front of the text?

enter image description here


You should kern your text, not track it (tracking is for adjusting uniform spacing in spans or blocks of text, kerning is for adjusting individual letter spacing).

Kerning is located in the character palette, below font size and left of tracking (CS6). To use it, select the type tool and place the text cursor on the left side of the letter you want to adjust (the “E” here). Keep in mind:

  • Negative numbers will shift your text left.
  • The units are 1/1000 em,
    so you may need to enter a large number like -100.
  • You need to be using area type (which is where your type is
    contained in a closed shape, such as when you click and drag with the
    type tool to make a box, or click a closed shape with the type tool
    and enter some text), because you won’t get the desired result using
    point type (when you single click and enter text with the
    type tool) or type on a path.

See also:
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Source : Link , Question Author : ekclone , Answer Author : Qutorial

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