Remove Illustrator CC application background

I’m trying to remove the application background from Illustrator CC. On the previous version (Illustrator CS5) I didn’t have a background. This made it easier to multitask and have various items on my desktop open at once. The app background in CC is solid black. Any way to remove it? I’ve Googled and looked all over the place, but I can’t seem to find the solution. Note, I’m not trying to remove backgrounds from files or from a project artboard. I’m specifically referring to the background that appears even when there is no project open.

Thanks in advance for your help.


As stated in the comments, it’s as easy as going to Window and unchecking Application Frame.

I should mention it’s not as comfortable when working in two screens, though (in Mavericks).

Source : Link , Question Author : Ruben Nunez , Answer Author : Johnny Kutnowski

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