Remove just a part of an InDesign style

In Adobe InDesign, I frequently come across complex paragraph or character styles that might have 10+ attributes defined, where I want to unset just one of the attributes.

For example, my paragraph style named Caption has about 15 specialized attributes, one of which is a particular font style. I want to delete the font style override from the Caption paragraph style, and just let the “based-on” style work without being overridden. However, I see no way to delete the font-style attribute value. There is no option None, and deleting the value won’t work. For some attributes, like size, deleting the value results in an “Invalid Entry” dialog.

How can I delete an attribute value?


I just tested this, and it looks like if you take your “Caption” style and set the attribute to match the “Based On” style, any further changes to the parent will carry over to the child. In other words, changing the attribute to match the definition in the Based On style “resets” the attribute.

Source : Link , Question Author : Cary Millsap , Answer Author : Troy Lissoway

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