Remove the window curtains from a photo, but save the glasses – how to do it in GIMP

I have a PNG image:


I want to remove only the window curtains from the above image using only GIMP. I tried to remove the curtains, but along with curtains I also lost the glasses.


How to keep the glasses when removing the curtains? My software is GIMP for Win. Is there any plugins to do this?


As others have said, removing a background is a rather complicated process.

Here is a basic overview of how you do it with Gimp.

  1. Duplicate the image as a new layer and hide the original
    (Always do this when changing an image!)
  2. Use the various selection tools to get a the content you want to keep as a selection.
    This is the hardest part and most time consuming part. You can use Ctrl and Shift to add and subtract from the current selection. I usually start with the Free Selection Tool, and then the Intelligent Scissors. Usually I need to add and remove parts of the selection.
    Depending on the image, the Magic Wand or Select By Color tools might also work very well. It takes some experimenting, and it will be an art, not a science.
  3. Delete the background.
    If you don’t get the results you expect, if you press Ctrl + Z, Gimp maintains the selection you had, so don’t have to do all that work again.
  4. Massage the border of your new image.
    This may include adding a blur around the edge, using the eraser or burn/dodge tools to distort, and other things you might need to do so that edges don’t look as sharp.

This is definitely a skill that takes practice.

Here are a few more detailed tutorials:

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