Remove transparency from semitransparent pixel

When drawn with the black brush with 50% of transparency, this color (when picked by color picker) recognized as gray color (128,128,128 rgb).

How to remove transparency to get black color?

What I managed for now is:

  1. Duplicate layer until there’s no transparency and then pick color
  2. (theoretically): export to gif format, then open this gif and pick color with removed transparency

Is there more convenient method to find brushed transparent color value without transparency?

I’m using photoshop7

Here’s some illustration-demonstration



Any level’s transparency can be edited by transforming the layer transparency into a layer mask:

Layer > Layer Mask > From Transparency

So if we use image from @joojaa’s answer:

This is what we get:

If you want to remove the transparency, you can just right click the mask and choose Delete Layer Mask. You can also disable the mask, use any tools to edit it etc.

Source : Link , Question Author : el Dude , Answer Author : Invariant Change

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