removing ‘scatter’ lines in transmission electron microscopy image

Has anyone have an ideao if there is a way to remove the lines like the attached picture ? These are so called ‘scatter’ lines on a T.E.M. slide, made by a microtome.

enter image description here


I did a quick textual search for information pertaining to TEM image post processing and the general method is to use Fourier transformation. There are several free Fast Fourier Transforms (FFT) plugins available for photoshop.

You would convert the image to RGB, run FFT on it which breaks the image into parts and uses the rgb channels to store them. Edit the Red channel (see inset, from top to bottom: after (zoomed); before (zoomed); before (unzoomed)) using the clone tool to clone data very close to the part you want to alter.

Run IFFT (“invert fft”) filter on it, see inset. The amount of alteration depends on your skill and dedication to the task.

enter image description here enter image description here

A resource with great test samples showing how the patterns look under optimized conditions:

Note that for GD purposes, FFT is a great tool for descreening halftones and e.g. photo restoration

Source : Link , Question Author : Bart De Pauw , Answer Author : horatio

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