removing white background after tracing a logo in illustrator CC

I have a o that I traced. I removed the white background by selecting expand and clearing it. however, the white background is still in the test part of the logo. thanks for any help you can give me.


Metis’ method (ticking ‘Ignore White’) works perfectly in this case (when the background color is white)…

But if the background isn’t white (and you want to keep your colors) how to proceed?

Assuming a two color trace – this method will work no matter what the background color might be.

When you do your trace, open the Image Trace Panel (Window > Image Trace) set it up beforehand as 2 color:

Two color trace

Then hit the ‘Trace’ button followed by the ‘Expand’ button.

Now press the A key, and click on your background. Then go to Select > Same > Fill Color:

Select menu

And lastly, just press the Del key.

Done like dinner. Before and after:

The Trumpster

Source : Link , Question Author : Maha , Answer Author : BANG

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