Repetitively place different images mapped to the same bottle?

I traced and created a 3D bottle, and I have 1,000+ different product images I would like to display/map onto the bottle. All the images I made as symbols and the labels are all the same size and structure (Rectangle) just with different information.

Is there a way that I could map the master image onto the bottle the way I would want, and then be able to generate every other image to the bottle the same way as my master image as like a new variable?

(I’ve done something similar using a GUI called Variable Importer, but my image was flat, so I was able to use a flat template and then just generate the Text through a CSV File and the GUI. Since this image is curved and needs to fit align with the bottle I’m not sure what approach to take.)


You can do this using a Macro then doing a Batch process i do it for Watermarking images its similar to your situation.

I will try to explain how to go about it as it may be confusing. With a batch you have to identify whats going to be the item that doesn’t change so for you it would be the bottle. You then need 2 record a Macro and import the bottle as a background layer in the correct location. Once you have your macro setup go to File > Automate > Batch and select your folder of images.

Source : Link , Question Author : Dan , Answer Author : bLAZYY

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