Replace gradient with solid colour on PNG/JPEG with Photoshop CS5

First of all thanks for taking the time to read my question and my apologies if this has already been addressed (I did research on the website but couldn’t find anything).

I am currently teaching myself the basics of Photoshop and am trying to replace the gradient part of a picture with a solid colour but did not managed to do it yet. (See the image I’m working on here)

I tried the replace colour technique, and also tried to play with the hue/saturation of a layer but nothing works.

Basically, I’d like to have the blue-3D part to be yellow (255-224-63), but when using the layer technique it ends up being green and not yellow. As for the replace colour technique, it gets very much pixellated which is more than annoying.

Does anyone have a better technique to achieve the result I’ma aiming at?

Thanks very much in advance for your time.



  • Make a Polygonal Lasso around the 3D text, it doesn’t have to be perfect, just avoiding the rest of the elements
  • From the Layers Panel, click the Adjustment Layer icon at the bottom to create a Hue/Saturation Layer
    • At the Hue/Saturation Panel, click Colorize, increase the saturation and move the HUE slider to the yellow part

enter image description here

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