Replacing a font in many illustrator files

I have several hundred Illustrator files that are formatted similarly, and for legal reasons I need to replace a font in all of them. Even with the ‘Find font’ tool, that’s a hell of a lot of fonts to replace by hand.

Is there some way of automating it? For example, using Bridge? Illustrator (CS5) doesn’t offer many options in Bridge, compared to the automation options offered by Photoshop. I also don’t see any option for running actions on multiple Illustrator files.

Also, creating a repeatable action for replacing the font doesn’t seem to work: instead of repeating my action, it brings up the dialog box an waits for me to tell it to replace them.

As a programmer I’m prepared to edit the files directly if it can be done without breaking them.

Update: The ‘Batch…’ menu item from Illustrator’s actions panel menu allows the same action to be performed on a folder of files. It doesn’t fix the Find Fonts action waiting for input though. Toggling the dialog off makes the action do nothing at all.


You might take a look at scripting.

This link is to the Adobe forums with a discussion regarding scripts to alter fonts in Illustrator CS4. The same scripts should function in CS5 or CS6.

Illustrator Scripting Reference (click here)

Source : Link , Question Author : Marcus Downing , Answer Author : Scott

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