Replacing multiple objects with other objects in Illustrator

I am working in Illustrator CS5. I want to select 100 objects (circles) and replace each of them with a 100 other various objects, each circle being replaced by one of the various objects, keeping the size of the originally selected circle. So in steps:

  1. Select 100 objects (ex. circles)
  2. Choose which objects to replace them with
  3. New objects takes place and size of selected circles

Each selected circle becomes one of the newly selected objects.

How to do this in Illustrator?


The best you’re going to find (as far as I know) is a script I found called ‘findAndReplaceGraphic_transformToFit’

The script has a description:

User selects two (or more) objects… This script copies the top most
object to the position and size of all other selected objects.

So this would do one circle at a time at least… Perhaps you or someone might be able to tweak it to suit your needs – I’m not sure.

Source : Link , Question Author : Michael Rader , Answer Author : BANG

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