Replicate InDesign duo-tone in Photoshop

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I’ve inherited a design from a previous designer which utilises a grayscale image which is placed in InDesign as grayscale then coloured as cyan and the container coloured as yellow (0,10,100,0). What it produces seemingly uses cyan as black and yellow as white. As you can see here:

enter image description here

The closest I’ve got is two layers of monotone with multiply effect. The colours are inverted. It’s pretty close but not exactly the same.

enter image description here

I would do all the images in indesign if I could except the client has asked for photoshop droplets so that they can chose their images at a later date.

Thanks for having a look guys.


It is possible to reach that result from Duotone by modifying the Levels Curve of each ink.

Image from

Cyan = midtones and shadows

Yellow = highlights


Click on the cyan ink levels graph to modify midtones and shadows levels, on the example 100% of cyan ink at the position 60 (midtones) and 100 (shadows) of levels curve and 0% at 0 (highlights):

midtones and shadows

Click on the yellow ink levels graph to modify highlights levels, on the example 100% of yellow ink at the position 0/10 (highlights) and 0% from the position 20 to 100 (midtones and shadows):




Source : Link , Question Author : ted8low , Answer Author : Community

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