Reproduce WordArt in Inkscape (trapezoid shape)

I try to convert an old logo to a vector format using Inkscape. The logo was originally made using WordArt. The text is transformed to a trapezoid shape.

I tried to use “Modify Path -> Perspective” but it doesn’t end up correctly because the transformation is perspective (i.e. the character widths are not equal).

An example (black = goal, gray = to compare the character widths, orange = current version):


As you can see the left-most character is as wide as the one in the middle.

Is it possible to do this translation in Inkscape or do I have to use a different tool?


You could solve this with ExtensionsModify PathEnvelope which works (somewhat) like Envelope Distort in Illustrator.

The drawback to Envelope is that it will only work with 4 points. So instead of doing 1 transform, do 2 (one for the left and one for the right).

Make your text, create your 2 envelopes, do 2 transforms. It will make the vertical warp without introducing the horizontal distortion that you get with Perspective.

Source text converted to paths:
enter image description here

Left envelope path:
enter image description here

Right envelope path:
enter image description here

Modify PathEnvelope applied to the pair on the left and the pair on the right:
enter image description here

Final output juxtaposed with duplicate of source object to show the lack of horizontal distortions1:
enter image description here

1. I rarely dabble in Inkscape so my example image has some slight distortions but I think this is due to my lack of proficiency with the tool rather than a shortcoming in the Envelope extension itself.

Source : Link , Question Author : SecStone , Answer Author : Farray

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