Reset rotation point to center of object

When designing a clock, I moved the rotation point of the text into the center of the clock, then copy/pasted the text and rotated by 30° for each number, like so:

enter image description here

Note the rotation point marked with red.

Now, the bottom numbers (like 6) are printed upside down. I want to correct that by rotating the text 30° back. Because the numbers need to stay in their places, I need the rotation center be back at the center of the text, not the center of the clock.

How do I reliably (not estimated by moving the mouse) set the rotation center back to the center of the text?

I have already tried snapping to the center of an object, but it does not seem to apply for the rotation point.

In the end I want something like this, just more accurate:

expected result


Simply hold (Shift) and left click on the rotation center.

Source : Link , Question Author : Thomas Weller , Answer Author : chraqek

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