Resizing an SVG using GIMP

I exported an image from this site and am trying to make it really big, but can’t figure out how. The tutorial vid I found uses an iOS or modified UI and I can’t follow it. How do I resize this image, these paths, or whatever?


  1. Use Inkscape which is meant to edit SVG graphics

  2. With Gimp (if the SVG is only the beginning for a final raster image). Several solutions (they assume that you have ticked the “Import paths` option in the SVG open dialog):

    • If you do File>Open and select an SVG file, you can change the resolution, and this changes the size of the imported image. So you can scale up by just increasing the resolution.
    • Once the image is loaded, Image>Scale image with scale everything, including the imported paths.
    • You can also scale just one path, using the Scale tool in Tranform: path mode (third icon in the Transform: line in the Tool options).

Source : Link , Question Author : Eldon Korson , Answer Author : xenoid

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