Resizing vector paths to pixel bounds

I have an iOS layout designed for Retina, which means it’s double the resolution of the older devices. To create standard-resolution PNGs, I would need to scale down the design by 50%.

Problem is, I have a lot of vector paths and scaling the image to 50% causes them to land inbetween two pixels. The result is blurry borders all over the place.

So the question: What do I do to resize the document to 50% while keeping all the vector paths on pixel bounds?


import the vector paths and raster images into illustrator and redo layout. Illustrator CS5 has in the transform pallet a check box for constrain to pixel grid.
Select all of your vector paths and check this box. Then when you resize it will stay aligned to the pixel grid.

It may be some work but if your raster images are placed from photoshop and your vector is in illustrator then your workflow will be easier to edit in the future.

Another option would be to import the vector lines from photoshop into illustrator without the raster images. Do as above to scale 50% then import back into photoshop as smart object.

Then again you could rasterize the vector lines and scale 50% as well.

Source : Link , Question Author : lhunath , Answer Author : Danferth

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