Responsibilities and requirements for graphic designer position

I plan to recruit a graphic designer for my organization, but I’m not sure how to put/assign the responsibility to him/her. I have read this post: How can I write requirements for a graphic designer?, but I’m still having a hard time defining this clearly.

What specific, general responsibilities would be expected for a graphic designer position?


So the requirements should be:
1. Knowledge in Photoshop Illustrator, Indesign must
2. Flash, Premiere, After effects, HTML, CSS, etc. would be a bennefit
3. Experience in branding, print design and web design
4. Knowledge of print processes
5.Send a portfolio with a CV obviously!

You need to explain that they will be in charge of the entire brand of your company (instead of studios where you work for one projects after another) and every designed aspect of the company is under their responsibility.
Obviously explain about the company what they do and what does your brand mean.

Source : Link , Question Author : pitoukhmer , Answer Author : Naty

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