Responsive web site mockup tools

I’ve always done web mockups in Photoshop, recently I switched to Illustrator because I thought it could speed up my work flow (And it did!) As I design more and more for responsive web sites though, I feel like even Illustrator isn’t ideal and there are some quirks that make it somewhat of a more cumbersome process.

I’m wondering if anyone can suggest some tools that they have used in regards to mocking up responsive web sites? I’ve heard of Balsamiq and I’ve actually heard InDesign has some new features in the Creative Cloud that are worth revisiting when it comes to responsive mockups.

If you’ve had some experience in responsive web design could you suggest a work flow or the pros and cons of some tools that are out there.



There seems to be a serious need for more responsive design tools as of late. Many of the new initiatives are web based and some look promising but I’ve yet to give them a thorough workout:

Source : Link , Question Author : Adam Schuld , Answer Author : JohnB

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