Restrict image selection but allow copying text in pdf

I’m working on writing a technical ebook on Adobe Indesign. There are many engineering drawings and smart-arts (in .png format) which I want to include in it. When I export the book as pdf, the images that are included in it show selection around them when clicked. I want to make the image indiscoverable by the user i.e. the selection should not appear as if the image is part of the text and not like a layer stacked upon it.

I know there is a restrict editing option in pdf settings but it makes the text non-copyable, too. I just don’t want the image to be selected but the text (including text inside image). How can I do that?

enter image description here

enter image description here


Don’t think this is possible. (Apart from the method you mentioned that is locking both text and images).
But in this case you can draw these diagrams as vectors, which should solve this issue. If text of diagrams should remain non-copiable you would need to outline it. (But with many diagrams that might be too time consuming…)

Also about your other concerns.

Copyright: just make a note in the small-print that you are holding the copyright with “All rights reserved”. If anyone copies it you can sue him and make a lot of money – win/win

Images increase the book size: Restricting editing would not help here. vectorising probably would.

The text inside the image is not recognised by the ‘Find text’ option: Also be fixed with vectorising.

Source : Link , Question Author : SarGe , Answer Author : Julian Steinmann

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