Reverse dress up doll

Suppose I have an image of a model wearing some outfit:

doll with clothes

and another image of the same model in the exact same position and lightning without that outfit:

enter image description here

Is there an easy and quick way (e.g., requires minimal manual manipulation) to create a new layer on Photoshop that contains only the outfit, without the body?


There’s no way to do it automatically (especially so with your image where the contrast and colors are very similar) it’s very hard for Ps to recognixe which parts are separate (as mentioned in comments above)

Below is probably the easiest method as of writing (June ’18) with least amount of manual work.

Select all parts of the outfit using the Quick Selection Tool (W) + some manual selection with the Lasso (L) – from the first image – with the outfit on.

Rough selection done in a min, spend a bit more time for better accuracy:

rough selection

Once all is selected, you can Right Click → Layer Via Copy

enter image description here

Then you can color/apply effects/ turn on or off the new layer to see the character with the outfit and without.

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Ondibobo , Answer Author : WELZ

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