Rotate 2D plane curve to create 3D object – solid of revolution – Rhino3D

Often, when making simple 3D models, one can intuitively create their 2D version and then just somehow turn this version in 3D model.

In my case, I’m trying to make ant egg model and this is my 2D curve:

curve in rhinoceros

The rings are illustrating the rotation I want to achieve to get the 3D model – almost cylindric egg.

How can I do this in Rhinoceros 3D?


If the horizontal piece (the one on the XY plane) is the plan of the egg shape then lose the verticals (the rings on the XZ plane), they’re just confusing you. Draw a single line the long way across the flat shape. Now revolve the flat profile around that line as the axis.

If that’s not the plan, then make it the plan.

Source : Link , Question Author : Tomáš Zato – Reinstate Monica , Answer Author : Ryan

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