rotate pattern fill in Photoshop

Is it possible to rotate a pattern fill in photoshop? I need to make a maze for a project, but I can’t rotate a pattern to have the right perspective.

I found the vanishing point in Photoshop, but I can’t seem to get it working, even with some tutorials found on the web.

When I go to Edit > Transform Path, I can rotate it, but not the right amount of degrees.

I included a screenshot of my work, hopefully it helps to understand my question.
Thanks a lot in advance!


You don’t want to rotate, as that wouldn’t give the correct perspective.

Instead, create a rectangle about the size of the wall if it wasn’t distorted, then apply the pattern to that.

In the layers panel, completely rasterize the new rectangle.

Go to Edit>Transform>Perspective to correctly distort the image, and place it in the right spot.

Source : Link , Question Author : Jules , Answer Author : Alex Wohlbruck

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