RTL support in sIFR, Cufon, and Typeface.js

I want to use some font-embedding technology for a website which uses right-to-left language. I don’t know which of these alternative ways of font-embedding support right-to-left languages.

If they don’t support it yet, do they have plan to add it in future?

Is there any better way to embed fonts for RTL languages?


I think using CSS3 @font-face rule is a better option. All the technologies you’ve mentioned are being developed by very few developers and have many drawbacks. They may stop being developed at any time and as I saw their websites, they’re mainly donation-driven projects. Therefore, they are highly likely to get out of scope in future.

However @font-face rule is authored and supported by W3C (the organization behind making web standards) and has been implemented in browsers natively. In other words, while something like sIFR is only a workaround to embed a font-face (a type) in web browsers based on Flash and JavaScript infrastructure, @font-face is what Firefox has, or Chrome has, or IE has built-in.

Thus, I strongly recommend that you go after @font-face to see if it can solve your problem.

To read more about @font-face rule, read CSS3 Fonts Module

Source : Link , Question Author : Fatemeh Izadpanah , Answer Author : Saeed Neamati

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