Safety of using images found through Google image search

I am working on a Facebook education page for my church. I often find Google search images that don’t have an obvious copyright symbol at the bottom of the article or blog. How do I know if these image are ok to use? Sometimes the images are in several articles. How do I locate the original creator to request permission?


As others have said, images found on Google image search are not free to use unless they are licensed as such. Google does however have advanced search features that will show you images that are licensed for reuse, commercially or non-commercially.

When you are doing an image search, click on “Search tools” then “Usage rights” and you will get a dropdown to filter your search results:

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You can read more about it here: Google Search Help: Find free-to-use images

Be sure to check from the source, that any images you find are licensed for free use. Don’t blindly trust the search filter, it is by no means perfect.

Better still, find free stock images from one of the many good stock image sites listed here:

Or here:

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