Save selected portion of image in GIMP as PNG

I have an image that was masked in photoshop that I have now imported into GIMP. I would like to export only the head as a PNG with background transparency.

I can successfully export the image as a PNG with transparency, but the shape of that image is the entire picture including the large surrounding box. I’m not sure how to explain this clearly. Looking at this image below, the PNG I get has an extra 1″ on the right and 3″ on the left, a bit at the top and probably 4″ at the bottom.

I can see why this is happening – I have marching ants around both the head and the outer box. I feel very stupid, but I can’t figure out how to select and then export just the head.



Use Image>Zealous crop (if it were for just a layer: Layer>Crop to content).

Source : Link , Question Author : Susan Kistler , Answer Author : xenoid

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