Saving a greyscale image as a bitmap file converts to indexed colours

I’m trying to save an image as a Greyscale bitmap file in Photoshop but it keeps changing to Indexed colours. This also causes the image to become really dark. I am trying to change the files of a game and it is very important that the image stays in a greyscale format.


As DA01 writes in the comments above:

BMP files are indexed. In Photoshop, I believe they may even be by default indexed down to 2 colors unless you choose a specific pallet for it to use. If you must have BMP files then you’re going to have to create a custom grayscale pallet for it to index to. (all that said, .bmp is a somewhat antiquated file format. Are you sure the developer can’t use other file formats such as PNG?)

This turned out to be the issue. A guy who was helping me told me to save the image as greyscale when it should have been indexed. Thank you for helping me figure that out.

Source : Link , Question Author : Snafu , Answer Author : Ilmari Karonen

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