Saving an SVG with viewbox 0 0 in Illustrator

I’ve got a problem saving SVGs in their correct format in Illustrator. I want to save an SVG for web development with the viewbox as “0 0 100 100”. The sizes, 100 width and height, are not a problem. This saves correctly. But when I check the code, I can see the viewbox is completely random numbers – meaning, they do not show up in the web page without edits to the code.

I have set the X and Y axis on the measurements to 0’s. I do this by going to Document Settings and Edit Artboard and change the measurements. The viewbox still comes up with something ridiculous like “0.5 765.5 100 100”.

Does anyone know how I can make the viewbox “0 0 100 100”? Thank you in advanced.


I had this exact problem but checking “clip to artboard” didn’t work and adjusting the XML directly threw my image position out of whack relative to the viewbox. I solved this by overlaying a slice on the artboard boundary. After that the file would export to SVG with a “0 0 …” viewbox. Aside from adding the slice, I did nothing different from the usual process, just “Save for Web and Devices” with the usual settings.

Update: I did have to ensure the slice was selected before going through the save process.

Source : Link , Question Author : 30secondstosam , Answer Author : jswitchback

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