Scrap-work Methods

Should one start their scrap-work / mockups in an ordinary notebook or scrap-paper to be thrown away ?

What is the recommended practice?

  • Keep older drawings ?
  • Throw them away ?

Is it better to sketch in pen or pencil ?

  • Produce permanent work ?
  • Leave space for change ?

Is there an attachment similar to Moleskine that can be made with Graphic design practice ? I have seen some carry around large drawing pads/books. Unfortunately I am on the move and would prefer something a bit smaller.

To sum up the question :

Is there a certain format AIGA (that is the association for Designers right ?) recommends people to use for preliminary design ?


To answer your questions by order I’d say :

Keep older drawings

Even a crappy one can be a source of inspiration one day.

Any medium would do the trick.

Try many and choose 2 or 3 at the end. Stick with it if you enjoy using them. You can even use computerized drawing tools, too.

It depends on what you’re working on. For example, for web design, there are lots of pre-designed paper which leave a lot of spaces everywhere to allow room for comments and modifications.

For print and magazine, it’s more like a permanent work. If one mockup doesn’t suit you, retry with another paper 🙂

You can sketch on any thing. Since it’s not a final work.

If you like drawing on small books/pads, go for it. It must be a pleasure first. But if it needs to be precise, with a lots of comments or to be used by someone else afterward, you should use some large drawing pads.

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