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Let me just start with saying I am really a beginner printing wise 🙂

Client wants a logo to be screen printed on apparel. For the time being he will print it on vinyl and later he will do some screen printing.
Logo has gold circle and green icon inside the circle.

Currently what I want to do is like pick some Pantone green for an icon, use PMS 871 C for a gold circle, make bleed and margin and send away as PDF.


  • Can I just use CMYK instead of Pantone?
  • Can object on object (green on gold in this case) cause some issues
    when printing, I should be aware of?
  • So printing some CMYK gradient would just turn out terrible?
  • Also in any case I understood that for screen printing I would
    have to do color separation in Illustrator?


It is possible to mix CMYK printing with spot colour printing, although the price will increase, since a screen (or plate) is needed for each CMYK separation, plus each spot colour separation. Personally, in your scenario, I wouldn’t mix the two methods. Either stick with CMYK or go down the spot colour route.

It is entirely possible to get something to have the illusion of gold using CMYK only. In the example below (made in Illustrator) I used some gradients, several ellipses and some blurs, to give the illusion of a gold ring. It is also possible to go down the spot colour route with a metallic gold. Obviously, looking at the spot colour version in Illustrator (or whatever software you are using) – you are not going to see the reflective metallic effect on screen.

It might be worth while having your client contact the screen printers for samples of reflective gold finishes – whether it’s gold ink, or some other gold effect, to see what they will look like in reality.

Also note that in printing (particularly with CMYK) the colour of material (or substrate) can drastically affect the colour of the inks. In some cases they may need to print a white sub-colour before overprinting it.

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Zare , Answer Author : Billy Kerr

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