script – Photoshop image processing

I need to change over 60 web optimized images to fit their new containers. The current dimensions are 760 x 1024 or 1024×760. is there an easy or simple solution to manipulating all of these images to a smaller size without changing the height/width ratio?


Go to File -> Scripts -> Image Processor… it will open Image Processor panel just like this (this one is Mac OSX):


Now do this:

1) Select folder with your images (pre-sort images by portrait or landscape orientation).
2) Select where you want to save processed images.
3) Check “Resize to Fit” -> enter height and width. For example you want that your image will fit in 500x500px frame. Enter this size in textfields and your images will be scaled with aspect ratio (width or height will be 500px depending from ratio). Also choose format.
4) When you are ready to convert click “Run” button.
5) And that’s it.

Source : Link , Question Author : Charles , Answer Author : Justin Boo

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