Search directory of .psd files for specific text?

I have a directory of hundreds of Photoshop files (.psd) and need to locate files by searching for a string of text that exists within a file.

Using Finder to search for “Contents” doesn’t seem to work.

Is there an app to accomplish this?


I have no idea if this will work because I don’t know how PSD files store text, but try this. Open terminal (applications/utilities), type cd <space> and drag the folder containing PSDs onto the terminal; the folder path will be filled in. Hit enter. You are now “in” that folder in your terminal.
Next, do grep -i "some string here" *.
cd tells the system to change directory. grep is a command line utility that opens a file and searches for a string. -i is a flag that tells grep to ignore case sensitivity. Then you give it the string and * means all files in the current directory.
See if that turns anything up.

Source : Link , Question Author : Community , Answer Author : Harv

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