seeking workaround for animated gif frame limit

I was attempting to render a 514 frame png sequence as an animated .gif from Photoshop. It imported fine, but I discovered that within the Save for web... dialog, there is a 500 frame limit.

There’s an unanswered question on the Adobe Forum about this from years ago. Other tidbits online state there is no limit to frames for the animated gif format.

Is there an Adobe-centric workaround? Perhaps either Photoshop or Media Encoder. Thanks!


This has been a thing with Photoshop for a long and hairy time – the 500 frame .gif limit is hard-baked into the way PS handles these files… there are workarounds, and cludges.

You might consider looking at other software / tools to accomplish your task: AfterEffects, Final Cut, heck even QuickTime & put your output out there as .mp4 video file and use EZGIF to convert… for documentation of processes on Windows boxes I often use Screen2GIF, and that has some pretty great tools for GIF building, optimization etc, and has no frame limits.

Hope this helps.

Source : Link , Question Author : itsmikem , Answer Author : GerardFalla

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