Select/distort a single anchor point of a group in Illustrator

With a normal shape, I can select one corner using the direct selection tool and drag to distort:

enter image description here


enter image description here

I want to apply the same type of single-point dragging distortion to the bounding box of a group of shapes, but can’t figure out any way to do it.

enter image description here

How could I select the right-bottom corner of this group, and drag to distort the whole group?



With CC2017, the Free Transform Tool has a cursor specifically for Free Distort. You can just select that cursor and perform the same distortion without the need for any modifier keys.

enter image description here

The modifier will still work in CC2017, but should you have trouble, switching cursors is the easiest thing to do.

Other Methods

(or for legacy versions of Illustrator Prior to CC2014)

You must use the Free Transform tool.

  1. Select all 4 objects
  2. Select the Free Transform Tool
  3. Click and hold a corner
  4. then hold the Command/Ctrl key
  5. then drag to perform the distortion

You must do things in this specific order – click, hold key, drag – Any other order will not work. This will not work with the standard bounding box. You must use the Free Transform tool.


Another option, although without a live preview, is….

  1. Group the 4 objects
  2. Then choose Effect > Distort & Transform > Free Distort


Source : Link , Question Author : Yarin , Answer Author : Community

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