Select inside/outside of a border

This seems like a basic feature, but I’m missing it somehow. I have the the outline of a state with a discrete colorful border.


I’d like to select the border AND the inner contents so I can produce something like this (sloppily done here with the Lasso)

Final Product

I’ve tried selecting the entire border using the fuzzy select (magic wand) or select by color but this only gives me the border itself.

Border Select

In the Selection menu, I can invert the selection, but that grabs everything.

Inverted Border

How can I select all the contents inside a selected region?


This is a job for the quick mask feature. I allows you to paint on the selection itself as if it were the image –

So, after selecting the border itself with the magic wand as you did above, click on the small “hidden” button to the left of the horizontal scroll bar. That shows a red tinted translucent representation of your selection itself, and all painting you do will affect it – it is a grayscale drawable, so full white (255) means “fully selected” and black (0) means “unselected” (although the representation on this view is inverted: selected areas are shown as transparent, unselected as opaque). Then, just use the bucket-fill tool to fill u the outside (or inside) of your selection with “White” (Which will render the trnaslucent tint transparent), revert back to normal editing by clicking on the quickmask again – and you are done.

It certainly does take much fewer steps than Kylemit’s answer.

Source : Link , Question Author : KyleMit , Answer Author : jsbueno

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