Select layer in Photoshop with layer effects

I need a way to get at the dimensions of a Photoshop layer with their layer effects. All methods I can find (such as command/control-clicking the layer thumbnail) only select the base layer and never include their effects.

Is there a way to select/marquee the Photoshop layer plus its effects (without manually adjusting the selection using Expand) or to at least get the size of the layer plus its effects?


You will have to make the effects their own layer, or convert the object to a smart object.

Smart Object(recommended non-destructive)

Right click on the layer and convert it to a smart object. It should account for the effects in your bounding box and dimensions.


Effect Layers

Select the object and Go to Layer -> Layer Style -> Create Layer

This will convert all the effects into their respective layers. Then you can group and it will account for those effects.

Source : Link , Question Author : Ben Dyer , Answer Author : cclark413

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