Select only one side of a text frame in InDesign CS6

I am designing a fillable form in InDesign CS6 (Mac) and want to add a border to only the bottom of certain text frames. My question is: how do I select only one side of a text frame?


With the white arrow – the direct selection tool – you can select the bottom vertexes of your rectangle; but that won’t do you any good. The border of a frame in InDesign is applied to the entire frame, not on a per-selection basis (just like in Illustrator).

Some other options:

  1. Put your text inside a one-cell table. Each of a cell’s borders can have a setting of its own.
  2. Set a Rule Below for the last paragraph in this frame.
  3. Draw a line manually, and either leave it placed on your page (so it will not move vertically when you add or remove text), or cut it and paste as an anchored object on the last text line (and then it will move along with the text).

Since a fillable form needs to be of a fixed size anyway, I’d simply draw a horizontal line just below it.

Source : Link , Question Author : Michael Sheaver , Answer Author : Jongware

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