Selecting paths using lasso tool in illustrator CS6

I am trying to seperate a group of paths and am using the lasso tool in illustrator to click and drag around the paths I want to select. Is there a different way to do this? I am finding it difficult to control as I have to click and hold down until I am finished. Here is what I am trying to seperate below. As you can see there are two bananas that sit close so it is a bit tricky trying to seperate them using the lasso tool.

enter image description here


Don’t use the Lasso tool.. use the Direct Selection tool (the white arrow) to click-drag across parts you want, using Shift to add to the selection when needed.

This particular art merely takes one drag with the Direct Selection tool, holding down the Option/Alt key. You don’t need to drag to surround everything. Simply drag so the visible preview selection box touches a path or shape and it becomes part of the selection.

enter image description here

If the artwork is more complex and you can’t merely drag once, you can switch to outline mode and and hold Shift to drag several times. Then switch back to Preview Mode when you’ve got the selection…

enter image description here

(Note: I’m holding down the Option/Alt and Shift keys as I drag with the Direct Selection tool.)

The Lasso tool, for the most part, is pointless and another Adobe addition that isn’t really any more helpful and exists merely so users feel things are more familiar. No one needs the Lasso Tool — some may prefer to use it, but it does not contain any unique features. At most, in some use cases, it may save a couple/few click-drags, that’s all.

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