Set CMYK colors in Photoshop

I have designed a Flyer using Photoshop. First with RGB colors, but I want to change them to CMYK.
I use black, white and two pantone colors.
Black is used for the text and there is the problem.

I select the text, CtrlA, and select the color window in the option bar on top.

I have unchecked the Only Web Colors checkbox.

I enter C0 M0 Y0 K100 and observe the RGB value in the same color box change to R29 G29 B27, the CMYK values are still C0 M0 Y0 K100, so I press OK and apply in the option bar.

Next I reopen the color window in the option bar on top to check the color values.
I see the CMYK values are not as I entered before but they are C75 M65 Y62 K81.
The RGB values are the same as before, R29 G29 B27.

It seems the CYMK values are converted to RGB and the CMYK values are discarded.
Whatever I do, I can’t have the desired result.

Which setting do I have to change to allow CMYK in Text?


You probably need to change the Color Mode via Image > Mode > CMYK Color.

Change Color Mode Photoshop CS5

Source : Link , Question Author : Paul Blok , Answer Author : Dom

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