Set default size of the artboard of imported Photoshop work paths

I am using Illustrator 2018 on Windows.

I am working with a series of Photoshop work paths (exported from Photoshop 2018) which are all made using a 300 dpi bmp.

Until recently when I opened a work path file in Illustrator it placed the imported paths on a square artboard which was always the same size each time I opened a path.

I do not know what or how but something has changed and each path is now placed on a thin rectangle shaped artboard. This is annoying as I now have to manually resize each artboard.

Is there a way to set the default artboard so that each time an image or path is opened or imported the artboard is the same size?

Many thanks


It is just following your last used artboard setting.

To reset it:

Create a new document File → New (Ctrl+N)

And choose the desired artboard size and hit OK.

Next time you load something in, it will create the artboard based off your last used size.

Source : Link , Question Author : belinea2010 , Answer Author : WELZ

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