Setting object style in InDesign

I’m trying to somehow set InDesign object style for images that I add into text frame directly so they flow along with text when I edit content. My document is of technical nature so it has a single text frame per page. It’s more of technical document really.

This are my requirements:

  • images need to break text block apart, so text won’t flow over/around them
  • images need to centrally aligned in the text frame regardless of their width
  • images have to move with text (hence they are pasted into)
  • images have a description that must never break to next page
  • images have to align to the last baseline gridline just above description so description always appears it’s positioned exactly the same space after image (upper margin will therefore vary but should be at least one leading high) – By last baseline I mean if an images occupies few line-heights (leadings), bottom of the image frame should align exactly with the last line and not somewhere in between.

I’m heaving great difficulty creating my object style to accomplish this. The main problem being positioning images exactly on the last baseline grid.


I don’t think you’ll be able to accomplish this through styles alone with those last two bullets being a requirement.

For one, object styles don’t have a setting for anything having to do with the grid except when working with a text frame, and even then relative-to-grid settings only deal with the top of the frame which won’t be of much help. Second, you could place the image frame in the text flow and apply a paragraph, but then a paragraph style aligns to a grid by the first line or all lines, but nothing in between.

If dodging repetitive work is the goal here, then the only thing I can think of would be to create an object library that has the objects you need and some hooks for automation (like an applied label on the backend) and write up a script that will then go through the document, find the objects, and fix the layout “automagically” after you have finished populating your document. That’s no small feat, and even with the most robust automatic layout systems, someone still has to go in a tweak layouts manually if layout quality is even a vague concern.

I suggest either relaxing your layout requirements or handle this manually as you do your layout. It’s a drag no matter how I look at this but that’s also why a lot of us have jobs.

Source : Link , Question Author : Robert Koritnik , Answer Author : Philip Regan

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