Shape vs object in Illustrator

In some tutorials, the instructor uses the terms ‘shape’ and ‘object’ both for the same thing. In Illustrator, are the terms ”shape” and ”object” synonyms?

  1. When I draw an ellipse or rectangle, what category does it inherit? Shape or object?

  2. When I draw 2 ellipses/rectangles and join them, what does it become?
    Shape or object?

  3. When I draw ”a bird” using pen tool/brush, what it is? Object or shape?


Technically speaking, Illustrator calls these objects, which can be single objects or groups of objects (which are also considered objects).

That is why you have an ‘Object’ menu in the main navigation, and not a ‘Shape’ menu. That is also why all the documentation includes the term ‘object’ in page slugs, not ‘shape’.

Source : Link , Question Author : Suraiya Abedin , Answer Author : Lucian

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