Shapes not showing in Inkscape

I try to draw a square or circle and it just doesn’t work. I know it should have a fill and stroke, and even when I select colors, it’s not showing. All I see is a square depicting the area where the shape has been placed, as if it was in a different layer or something.

How can I show the shapes again?


  1. Make sure there is not simply another object in front of your shape. Raise to top to see if that’s the case

    Inkscape raise to top

  2. Make sure it actually has a fill and/or stroke

    Inkscape Fill empty

  3. Make sure the opacity of fill and stroke is not 0

    Inkscape Fill and stroke opacity

  4. If the stroke/fill color is a gradient, make sure that it does not end outside of the shape

    Inkscape gradient ends outside the shape

  5. Make sure the layer is visible

    Inkscape Layer visibility

  6. Make sure the layer opacity is not 0

    Inkscape Layer opacity

  7. Set Display Mode to Normal

    Inkscape Display Mode

  8. Unset the Hide checkmark in object properties

    Inkscape Object Properties

  9. Release the mask to see if the object was masked with a disjunct shape

    Inkscape Release Mask

  10. Remove Opacity or Channel transparency or similar filters via the filter editor

    Inkscape opacity via filter

Source : Link , Question Author : Nathalie , Answer Author : Thomas Weller

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