Should a Graphic Designer know Acrobat extensively?

Just had to take 4 tests for a potential job offering. 1 on Illustrator, 1 on Photoshop, 1 on InDesign and 1 on Adobe Acrobat 7 Standard

I’ve never once used Adobe Acrobat 7 Standard but expected the questions to be about touchup, making an interactive pdf maybe, or file optimization stuff.

Nope. 44 questions almost entirely about:

  1. Chapters/Bookmarks/Destinations/etc.
  2. Security and Encryption Options
  3. Different types of reviews

So now I’m just trying to figure out if this is standard stuff for a graphic designer in any large corporation?

Here is an exact question from the skills assessment. It had 4 multiple choice answers but I didn’t write them down:

The Human Resources Department is asking for all managers to submit salary listings by position, taking note that some departments have similar positions. What is the best security method for saving the PDF documents for the managers?


Not standard, but not uncommon. It depends on the industry and organization.

Similarly, there are firms out there that specialize in preparing presentations for corporate and court room purposes. They’ll want you to know a lot about PowerPoint, though the rest of the industry curses it.

I haven’t had an intensive need for Acrobat for probably more than a decade. The old uses for the technology has largely been replaced by a combination of Google Docs, intranets, and websites.

Source : Link , Question Author : Ryan , Answer Author : plainclothes

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