Should I be charging for the social media versions of designs?

I’m designing A1 posters with a Facebook header and Instagram post version of each poster.

I’m charging hourly for the posters, but should I also be charging for the time it takes to design the Facebook headers and Instagram posts that go with each one? They are the same design as the poster, but obviously I need to change up the layout for each space.

I was going to charge an hour for the social media posts, but now I’m not so sure if most designers would charge for them on top of the actual poster cost or not?



If you work on anything for a client it’s billable.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an entirely new item or a reformatting of an old/existing item. They all take your time and it’s your time you charge for.

i.e. The poster may take you 8 hours to design… the social media content may take you an additional 2 hours to reformat the poster art to fit online specifications…. that’s 10 hours of billable time.

Or if value-based/per-project pricing…. you create a poster from scratch…
You invoice $1000 for that project.

6 months later they need the same art reworked for social media usage. You invoice $500 for the rework.

(25%, 50%, 75% the original invoice amount are common amounts I’ll use for updates/adjustments to previously created artwork – but that’s just my stance, not a “rule”)

You simply don’t charge the same amount for things which take less time. Traditionally a rework takes considerably less effort than initial creation.

Source : Link , Question Author : Claire Rose , Answer Author : Community

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