Should I discard rough sketches as I develop my final version?

I have a series of paper sketches done as part of my design process. As I take the design to the next stage I am creating a better representation of my design that builds on my sketches and will eventually lead to my final design. Do you discard rough product sketches? Some of my sketches are very rough and I feel as if it might help me to discard those I didn’t take forward in order to hone my final design. At the same time I would like to keep at least an example of my thought process in a coherent / well presented way.


Never discard sketches. They may contain ideas and inspiration for other projects or even later versions of the same project. At the very least, you can reflect on them later and be inspired for new work.

They can also serve to illustrate a point when presenting your work. For example, if a certain shape or other decision seems a very obvious obvious choice that the client will probably expect you to make, it may serve you well to show your sketches of that idea and use them to show why you didn’t go through with that line of thought.

I use a journal to sketch in, and even doodle and make small notes. I’ve gotten so used to having a repository of old ideas and doodles around, that I feel lost without it when starting a new project. When I’ve been doodling on a loose piece of paper, it even pains me to throw it into the bin!

Source : Link , Question Author : Andrew Welch , Answer Author : Vincent

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