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When I’m creating a document, I always split each section and each paragraph style in an individual text box. Mainly so I’m able to edit each item individually.

However, my question: Is it recommended to combine each into one text box spread over multiple pages, having both headers and body text in the same text box or split over individual text boxes, like I was already doing?

Thank you!


This varies enormously depending on the document and the workflow.

  • Brochure, where each page is a thought independent of the next page:
    break up each headline and text box so they aren’t linked to
    anything else.
  • Brochure, where each spread is a thought: headline gets a box, all
    the text boxes on that spread are linked, but don’t link it to the
    next spread.
  • Annual report: I’d make headlines independent and all the text boxes
    in each section linked (but not link sections to each other).
  • Flyer or fact sheet, one or two sides: every text box is independent.
  • Advertisement: every text box is independent.
  • Book: everything but the chapter heads and header/footer is linked. Maybe even the chapter heads are linked if you set up the styles right.
  • Business cards, one-shot: every text box is independent.
  • BUT Business cards, repeat job: you might want to link all the boxes so you
    can import copy from a pre-styled text source so the styles apply
    automatically, and populate all the cards in one go.

There’s no single best practice because there are too many design setups and too many reasons to import and style text.

Source : Link , Question Author : Sander Schaeffer , Answer Author : Lauren-Clear-Monica-Ipsum

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